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2006-05-10, 16:46

What this blog is and will be

By: Jonathan Groner
What is mixed-use development?

The standard definition is simply that mixed-use development is any real estate development that "contains or is zoned for commercial and residential facilities or development;" or that "combines several different functions, such as residential space above a commercial establishment or an entire development combining commercial, residential, and public accommodations." The idea is that a single project might include an apartment complex, shopping, a coffee shop, and office space.

But a more precise definition, given recently by a developer involved in the field, is that mixed use involves "a development that creates a walkable multi-level, live-work-play neighborhood loaded with stimulating and engaging pedestrian-level detail and that creates 'experience,' the core of exciting urban living."

Mixed use is one of the exciting real estate ideas of the 21st century. It can help revitalize the downtown of a city, or can attract excitement to a new town. This blog will focus on the legal, financial, architectural, and business aspects of mixed use, with a particular emphasis on events in the Southeast United States -- Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland.


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