2006-09-11, 14:57

In Rockville, Md., mixed use includes libraries too

By: Jonathan Groner
On July 7, I wrote about Rockville Town Square, a $320 million mixed-use project in which my law firm, Womble Carlyle, is representing RD Rockville, the lead developer. The project, in the heart of downtown Rockville, Md., will open for residences in January 2007, with retail to open in March and a grand opening in May.

The September 2006 issue of Southeast Real Estate Business features a major article about Rockville Town Square.

"The anticipation ... is to revitalize a tired downtown and bring people back to the neighborhood by creating a vibrant town center," writes associate editor Daniel Beaird.

Beaird notes that Rockville Town Center will be "the first smart-growth, mixed-use community in the region to incorporate a state-of-the-art library on a public square. The library is built on contemporary design and will house more than 200,000 titles, online and communication technologies, public meeting rooms with modern meeting and presentation facilities, public computers, a coffee shop, a help center, and naturally-lit reading rooms that sit adjacent to expansive windows overlooking the square."

"The prediction is for Rockville to become a 24/7 town," Beaird concludes.

High-income, highly educated Montgomery County, Md., of which Rockville is the county seat, is the perfect place to include a library as part of a mixed-use development. People from far and near will come to Rockville to read, do online research, attend meetings -- as well as dine in restaurants,, meet friends for drinks, shop, exercise ... the possibilities are nearly endless.


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