2006-12-22, 14:50

In Richmond area, some say mixed use conflicts with the environment

By: Jonathan Groner
Regarding environmental issues in mixed-use development, please note this from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Dec. 15, 2006:

A developer will be allowed to destroy some wetlands and streams in Chesterfield County to make way for a road extension to a planned mixed-use development.

The decision came yesterday from the State Water Control Board, which reversed a previous decision.

Area residents and environmental advocates oppose the permit for the project, a roughly 165-acre tract known as The Galleria, because of its potential impact on their homes and area natural resources.

"We're going to fight as hard as we can to make sure this project doesn't get built," said D. Curtis "Fred" Sanderson, vice president of the nearby Crestwood Farms Residents Association.

This is a fairly large mixed-use project in the Richmond, Va., area. In order to allow for the extension of a parkway to reach the mixed-use project, up to 3.5 acres of wetlands and about 2,000 feet of streams will need to be destroyed.

Often, mixed-use developers are aligned on the same side as environmentalists in favor of "green" development. But that's not always the case, as we see here.


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