2007-01-18, 10:37

Proposed upscale mixed-use project in Chapel Hill

By: Jonathan Groner
East-West Partners Management Company, a North Carolina developer, is planning to build University Village in Chapel Hill, N.C., featuring "upscale urban living," Class A office space, a LEED-certified green building design, not to mention coffee shops, restaurants, outdoor cafes, and a 100-room hotel. The developer proposes to tear down the existing University Inn motel on State Route 54 and to create a mixed-use development with nearly 240,000 square feet of residential space, 120,000 square feet of office space, and 58,000 square feet of office space.

Again, green building seems to intersect nicely with mixed use. The project's Web site promises the following:

"By using an innovative concrete mixture, the project's contribution to global warming will be reduced by 40%. Affordable housing requirements will be exceeded, and the project itself will serve as a teaching tool to inform those who live, work or visit the development how this project strives to improve design and the environment."

The building still awaits approval from the Chapel Hill Town Council. Public hearings on the project were held last night, Jan. 17, 2007.


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