2007-02-06, 11:31

Parking may make a difference in Newport News

By: Jonathan Groner
On Feb. 3, 2007, the Daily Press, a newspaper in Virginia's Hampton Roads area, reported on a new mixed-use development opening in Newport News. The story by reporter Chris Flores is entitled, "Building upscale ambitions: The development believes it has an edge over its competitors in one key area - parking."

Flores reports that "the Villages of Stoney Run, located off Jefferson Avenue just past the Newport News airport, is almost finished with a development that will include 184 apartments, 120 condos and retail and restaurants."

The story points out that just like Port Warwick and City Center, two developments at the other end of Jefferson Avenue, Stoney Run will have places for residents to get their hair cut, get their laundry done and get a bite to eat.

But it quotes a representative of the Breeden Co., the developer, as saying that car access and parking may make the difference in helping Stoney Run beat out its higher-profile competitors.
In addition to the retail parking, the developer built two spaces for each residence, and the development can be accessed by new traffic lights from two sides. Each condo has a garage.

Anyone who has ever spent half an hour or more looking for a parking space will understand why this might be a difference that matters when choosing a place to live.

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