2009-05-19, 13:26

District of Columbia Enacts Inclusionary Zoning Rules

By: Chris Iavarone
On May 15th, the District of Columbia finally published its hotly contested rules on inclusionary zoning in the D.C. Register. It has been over two and a half years since the Council passed the Inclusionary Zoning Implementation Act of 2006.

The new regulations require developers of buildings of 10 or more residential units to sell or rent a certain number of units in the building to people with low to moderate incomes.

The regulations state that they are not applicable until 90 days pass or until after a rent and price schedule is published, whichever is later. The schedule was not published with the regulations, so it is unclear when these rules will go into effect.

Look out for a follow up entry next week when we will summarize the more salient provisions of the new rules.

Source: Washington Business Journal


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