2006-10-25, 10:11

"Green" construction is becoming a reality

By: Jonathan Groner
Mark Polston, a D.C. associate at Womble Carlyle, has just published an interesting article in the October 2006 issue of Southeast Real Estate Business. The title of the article is "The Legal Side of Building Green." Polston writes that green, or environmentally sensitive, construction has become the latest hot topic among builders and developers across the nation, as energy shortages become more and more acute.

"Knowledge of green standards ... will become a necessity for developers, builders and their advisors, as governmental entities are increasingly requiring that green standards be met for public building projects," Polston writes. For private construction as well, Polston says, green requirements may be in the offing in various locations in the Southeast United States. The article reviews tax credits and other preferences for green construction in Washington, D.C.; Virginia; North Carolina; Maryland; Georgia; and Florida.

The article is clearly relevant and in fact must reading for people engaged in all types of development, including mixed use. It can be found at: http://www.wcsr.com/resources/pdfs/real101006.pdf.


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