2006-12-31, 22:28

A New Year's message

By: Jonathan Groner
As the old year ends and 2007 begins (here in the Eastern time zone), I will provide a brief New Year's message.

The current issue of the Washington Business Journal (Dec. 29, 2006 - Jan. 4, 2007), on Page 5, lists the number of times that various words were used in the newspaper in the year 2006. (Ah, the wonders of electronic databases!)

"Mixed use" came up 276 times, a big jump from 179 mentions in 2005.

"Town center" came up 379 times.

"Green building" came up 89 times.

"Transit-oriented development" came up 31 times.

"Redskins" came up 135 times. Of course, the team only won five games.

But it does seem as if "mixed use" and related concepts are only going to be more important in 2007.

Happy new year to all.


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